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UzmaSAT-1 is a collaboration between Uzma and a leading Earth Observation data collection company, Satellogic. Aiming on evolving the geospatial capabilities in Southeast Asia, the EO satellite will be expected to be launched on the second half of 2024.

From monitoring urban development, agriculture growth to natural disaster monitoring – we can help you turn planetary data into valuable insights tailored to your needs.

Uzma’s Satellite Imagery and Analytics services offer unparalleled insights from above, revolutionizing decision-making across industries. Leveraging advanced technology and expert analysis, we provide comprehensive data solutions for enhanced resource management, environmental monitoring, and strategic planning. From precision agriculture to infrastructure development, Uzma empowers organizations with actionable intelligence derived from the vantage point of space, driving efficiency and innovation at every turn.

Uzma’s Satellite IoT services harness the power of satellite connectivity to enable seamless communication and data transmission in remote and challenging environments. With robust infrastructure and advanced technology, we empower businesses to monitor assets, track vehicles, and gather real-time insights from anywhere on the globe. From remote oil rigs to maritime vessels, Uzma’s Satellite IoT service ensures reliable connectivity and actionable data, optimizing operations and enhancing safety in even the most demanding conditions.

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