Corporate Governance

UZMA’S directors and management are committed in maintaining good corporate governance by constantly having in place an effective corporate governance framework. This framework is in line with the Malaysian code on Corporate Governance 2017 (the code).

The principles and practices of the code are carried out across the Group to ensure that high standards of transparency, accountability and integrity are attained in managing the Group’s business. The Board believes that having a strong corporate governance framework is the key to enhancing shareholder value and the group’s financial performance sustainably, as well as protecting stakeholders’ interests.

Anti Bribery Policy

The establishment of this Anti-Bribery Policy is to set out the Group’s expectations for internal and external parties working with, for, and on behalf of the Group in upholding the Group’s commitment and stance against bribery.

Audit Committee Term of Reference

The Audit Committee assists the Board in its responsibility for overseeing the quality and integrity of the accounting, auditing and reporting practices of the Company and its compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements.

Board Charter

A written policy document that clearly sets out the respective roles, responsibilities and authorities of the Board of Directors

Corporate Governance Report 2020

The Objective of the Corporate Governance Report is to fulfil the requirements outlined in paragraph 15.25(2) of the Main Market Listing Requirement of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad in providing a clear and forthcoming explanation for departure from Practices in the Corporate Governance Report.

Summary Key Matters - Annual General Meeting 2019

The Summary Key Matters is provided to easily outline and point out the key matters raised and discussed at the Annual General Meeting.

Nomination and Remuneration Committee Report

The NRC was established with the view of enhancing good-governance and to increase the efficiency and accountability of the Board, ensuring the decision making process are not only independent but are seen to be independent.

Whistleblowing Policy

This Whistleblowing Policy is established by Board of Directors in view to facilitate the Group in achieving its aim to prevent bribery and uphold the highest level of business ethics in relation to the businesses and operations.

Directors' Fit & Proper Policy

The Directors’ Fit and Proper Policy was established to set out the Group’s approach to the assessment of fitness and propriety of Reasonable Persons to ensure they have the character, experience, integrity, competence and commitment of time to effectively discharge their roles and responsibilities which include diligence, honesty and judgement to perform properly the duties of that position, in tandem with good corporate governance practices.