Our Business

Uzma is an integrated group of companies providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to the exploration, development and production value chain of the Oil and Gas industry, integrating its core strengths throughout the region. The principal activities of the Group include the provision of integrated well solutions, production solutions, subsurface solutions and other upstream services which involves the provision of geoscience and reservoir engineering, drilling, project and operations services, and other specialized services within the chemicals, petrochemical and chemcial products, equipment and services. The Group categorizes these segments to assist its clients to “find” their potential subsurface assets, “connect” their hydrocarbon assets to the surface and “produce” their hydrocarbon optimally by providing subsurface, integrated well and production solutions, respectively.

Since 2017, as part of its strategy towards the energy transition from fossil fuel, the Group has embarked on areas beyond the O&G industry. The specific industries targeted to diversify the Group’s O&G business are Digitalization, Renewable Energy and Aviation/Aerospace.