About Us

Our Mission

We are an integrated regional Oil and Gas Service and Equipment (OGSE) company with a diverse portfolio that adds value throughout our niche and innovative solutions.

Our Vision

We aspire to be one of the top 5 Oil and Gas Service and Equipment (OGSE) companies in Malaysia.

About Us

Incorporated in 2000, Uzma is one of the leading Oil & Gas Service and Equipment (OGSE) companies in Malaysia with operational offices in Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines. We offer a spectrum of cost-effective, integrated and innovative solutions across the exploration, development and production value chain.

Within both our local and international footprint, we have maintained our commitment to FIND, CONNECT and PRODUCE our clients’ hydrocarbon assets by implementing the most efficient solutions, providing unparalleled quality and practicing excellent standards of safety. Currently, we are diversifying into new growth areas such as the New Energy and Late Life Assets sector.

Our diverse, high performing teams are our most valuable asset, located in all of our local and international operations. Through their daily work, they push through our desire to create value for our clients by providing consistently high-quality results, with the best cost structure and an uncompromising approach to safety.

Our company DNA is exemplified by the uzmaWAY. The uzmaWAY rests on five core pillars which embodies our commitment to a culture and project deliveries focusing on excellence. The uzmaWAY underlines our commitment to continuously innovate and provide better solutions for our clients. Our innovative solutions address the challenges of the constantly changing O&G industry and enables us to add value to our clients’ businesses.

Uzma Berhad is listed on the KLSE Main Board.

Board Of Directors

Management Committee

Corporate Governance

The Board has formally adopted a Board Charter, which provides guidance to the Board in the fulfilment of its roles, duties and responsibilities which are in line with the principles of good corporate governance. The Board Charter serves as a strategic guidance and effective oversight of management.

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chairman, chief executive officer and management

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