Cost Effective Drilling Project Solutions In The Asia Pacific Region

The UZMA-MMSVS Hydraulic Workover Unit (HWU) fleet is the largest in South East Asia, with a track record of 500+ well operations for clients across the region. UZMA HWU include all models from lightweight 150,000lbs units through 225,000lbs & 340,000lbs medium-duty, to heavy-duty 460,000lbs units. Our HWU are optimized for workover operations and have unique operating features such as Martin Decker “Weight on Bit” systems and high torque rotary drives, making them cost effective for sidetracking wells, which can be delivered for overall costs in the range of 35-45% of a full size rig sidetrack cost. UZMA HWU can also be supplied in either Zone 2 specification, or in RigSafe specification at lower cost, where operations permit this standard.

The UZMA MMSVS extensive HWU experience includes the following:
  • Pulling & Running Completions
  • ESP Change-outs – unmatched regional experience of 300+ operations
  • Sidetrack Wells and Run Completion
  • Zone Changes, Run Sand Screens, Water Shut-offs
  • Fishing Packers, Fishing Coiled Tubing and Fishing multiple completion types
  • Well Plug & Abandonment Activities – including leaking well Re-entry and Re-Abandonment

UZMA RMS is a multi-service package designed to minimize footprint, weight, personnel and cost for offshore well intervention operations. Designed primarily to Plug & Abandon (P&A) wells in preparation for decommissioning of offshore production platforms, RMS offers exceptional value to clients for well intervention, slot recovery and related operations. A key advantage is that only one service with single point contact is required to deliver the final solution, rather than the traditional process where multiple contracts have to be awarded and managed. Within the RMS package, all logging (CBL), tubing/casing punching, plug-setting, cementing, tubing/casing cutting and pulling of tubing and casing can all be performed.

Key RMS features include the following:
  • Full functionality: one package includes Slickline, E-line, Cementing & Pulling capability for all Tubulars
  • Lightweight package – 5metric tonnes or less per lift (smaller cranes can be used for rig-up)
  • Small footprint – can rig-up and work on any structure or from any vessel
  • Can pull up to 1 million pounds and from the smallest tubing up to 36” conductors
  • All equipment Zone 2 certified

UZMA entered the Directional Drilling (DD) business in 2015 with the acquisition of the Asia Pacific business of Cougar Drilling Solutions, an established and highly experienced Directional Drilling tool manufacturer and service provider. The key advantage of this acquisition is that UZMA immediately entered the market with an extensive inventory of DD and an experienced team who were active on 3 separate contracts. Uzma was awarded the umbrella contract for PETRONAS Carigali as a local service provider and is actively developing these services across the region, including geothermal operations. UZMA DD Engineers plan the wells and our Directional Drillers deliver the well path in the field to a standard regularly complimented by UZMA clients. UZMA has made a strong start in this business and aims to become a major DD provider in the region.

Directional Drilling Services Tools & Capability for all hole sizes include the following:
  • Oil-Sealed Premium Steerable Downhole Motors: 9-5/8”, 8-1/4”, 6-3/4” & 4-3/4” sizes
  • Measurement While Drilling Tools for 17-1/2”, 12-1/4”, 8-1/2” & 6-1/4” hole sizes
  • Drilling Jars, Stabilizers &Roller Reamers for all hole sizes
  • Drilling Engineering & Well Design Software – office and field applications

UZMA Fluid Services completes another UZMA segment in the company aspiration to become a completely integrated drilling services provider. UZMA Fluid therefore provides fluids related solutions to clients for well drilling, completion, intervention and also well Plug & Abandonment. All aspects of Drilling Fluid Planning, Engineering, Supply and Operations Management are therefore provided by UZMA.

Drilling Fluid Services & Capability (for all hole sizes) include the following:
  • UZMA Fluid provides water-based and synthetic base drilling fluids, (Chemicals & Services)
  • UZMA Fluid provides specialized and customized Sized-Salt (best available) reservoir drill-in fluid systems and chemicals.
  • UZMA Fluid provides fluid loss circulation solutions proven to cure various different loss circulation problems
  • UZMA Fluid provides EZ-Clean systems to treat out metal contaminants in drilling fluid.

UZMA Well Solutions has established an enviable reputation for reliable and cost effective delivery of P&A services, both offshore and onshore. P&A can be performed by UZMA HWU for more demanding applications with more extensive well preparation work required, or by RMS which integrates all of the equipment and personnel required within one package, for easy contracting and project management.

Full project management of the P&A operation can be provided by UZMA, and challenging projects are no obstacle. Uzma planned, prepared all engineering and delivered the Re-Abandonment of the leaking BS-03 gas well at Bulak Setap, onshore Sarawak, Malaysia during 2016. The HWU was used to drill-out existing cement plugs to 5,500ft using a completely enclosed and pressurized surface system and with all gas flared-off. The well was successfully re-abandoned so that a housing development could be safely constructed nearby.

The recent P&A of the Kapal platform wells offshore Peninsular Malaysia also established a benchmark for low cost well abandonment which included reservoir isolation followed by P&A of the upper wellbore in full compliance with PPGUA 3.0 standards. An UZMA RMS package was used to deliver this project.

P&A is therefore a key UZMA product offering, for which we have already established a strong reputation.

uzmAMS™️ helps exploration and production companies control their risks and improve their performance primarily through effective use of a well-designed documented management system. Satisfied clients consist of most PSCs and operators in Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, Spain and the Middle East. UZMA also carries a strong reputation for the quality of our Risk Assessment activities which have also been used extensively throughout the region. This expertise is used to support UZMA Well Solutions Project Management activities in areas such as development of the Safety Case for our HWU – an industry first.

Typical uzmAMSTM projects include the following:
  • Risk Based Design Standards
  • Lifecycle Well Integrity
  • Project Workflow with Integrated Risk
  • Management and Governance throughout
  • Well Operation Plans and Bridging Documents

UZMA continues to expand our range of oilfield services and entered the Fishing Services market in an alliance with a major international service provider in 2017. UZMA was already responsible for providing and managing Fishing Services during drilling related project contracts and it was a natural development to expand into providing the Fishing Tools for all hole sections together with the experienced Fishing Service Engineers to supervise fishing operations for clients. Together with the full range of Fishing Tools, UZMA can also provide an extensive range of Hole Openers, Roller Reamers and many other downhole rental tools.

UZMA entered the Drill Bit market in Thailand supporting Ulterra Bits of Canada and rapidly captured over 50% of the available market from the National Oil Company due to the cost effective pricing strategy and high quality of the Ulterra bits, which have established a strong market presence in recent years. A key advantage of the Ulterra Bits is the bit rental model which allows a bit to be re-furbished at minimal cost and be ready for re-run in effectively “new” condition for later wells. The overall impact has been a dramatic reduction in bit cost for operators who have adopted this service.

UZMA has been providing cost effective drilling project solutions in the Asia Pacific region for almost 20 years. Projects have been delivered for a range of clients, including challenging projects such as the Uzma-EnQuest offshore Tanjong Baram Small Field Development with Conductor Supported Platform installed by the rig, and the successful re-abandonment of a leaking gas well at Bulak Setap in Malaysia. These demanding projects were delivered safely and on budget, demonstrating that UZMA can compete technically and commercially with the major international service providers.