Get More from Your Wells. All the Time.

  • Preferred solution to get early production while waiting for completion of permanent facility.
  • Early appraisal of wells production data - useful to optimise and fine tune features on permanent facility.
  • Effective alternative to permanent facility for long-idling small and marginal fields.
  • One-Stop solution including:
    • Subsurface Consultancy
    • Engineering Consultancy
    • Fabrication Works
    • Operation & Maintenance

A basic process of reviving idle wells and enhancing the low pressure wells production by reducing the surface system pressure down to ATM Pressure.

Integrated team work which includes:
  • Process Flexibility
    • Allow production from wells which are not producing due to facilities back pressure
    • Isolate low pressure wells from facilities and allow production at low back pressure (below 20 psig)

  • Process Integration
    • Individual skidded units with < 10 ton individual weight
    • Separate and measure liquid phases, recombine the phases and repressurise the fluids for direct export via existing systems
    • Released gas can be flared, cold vented or captured and re-compressed for gas lift use

  • Self-Contained
    • Packaged, completely self contained system with no requirement for support from host platform
    • Piping systems to be managed and hooked up without external support

  • Compliance
    • Fully compliant to international regulations and oilfield standards
  • Mobile well testing equipment which accurately measures the well and reservoir performance
  • Provides accurate data on well and reservoir parameters to help you decide on production planning and enhancement integrated team from various sources.
  • Solution to achieve the maximum production performance with shorter lead time.
  • Equipments comes in skid based for easy installation and removal.
    • Gas Compressors
    • Surface De-sanders
    • Portable Water Injection
    • Water Treatment
    • Pumps and Pressure Vessels

Innovative solutions to help Oil & Gas Operators with the challenges and issues faced in production. Solutions include services for both green and brown field production applications, with proven results and track records. Our efficient and cost effective services include:

  • EOR Screening
  • EOR Project Integration and Management
  • Reservoir Characterisation and Modeling
  • Laboratory Assessment Fluid Compatibility Chemical Screening, Core Flood Studies
  • Field / Well Residual Oil Assessment
  • EOR Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Chemical Supplies and Manufacturing
  • EOR Facilities Design