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Uzma (KLSE:Uzma) was incorporated in 2000 with a vision to be a regional leader in the oil and gas industry. Deeply rooted in Malaysia with operational offices in Australia, Indonesia and Thailand, Uzma has grown with proven track records, serving more than 50 clients worldwide, delivering custom-made solutions and exceptional values in every offering. As an agile technology, production and well service provider, Uzma provides integrated solutions to the upstream sector across the exploration, development and production operations and to the facilities/plant construction, operations and maintenance of the downstream sector. 

Uzma assists its clients to find, connect and produce their hydrocarbon assets at the most efficient and practicable conditions. Uzma’s core competencies are its Geoscience & Petroleum Engineering Services, Drilling & Well Services, Production Operations & Optimization Services, Manpower Consultancy and Management System Consultancy. With its people being at the heart of Uzma’s core values, Uzma maintains its capability lean and efficient with about 700 staffs and over 1000 active professional consultants who work smart to deliver the highest quality services to its loyal clients the globe. 


Earth Tone hues

Harmonious co-existence with all our stakeholders and the environment. Mother Earth is also the source of our energy and we contribute back to nature what we get from it in the first place.


The shape is inspired from the basic building block of Single Carbon and 3 Hydrogen Molecule that makes the basic component of any hydrocarbon compound. This strongly signify the industry we are in.

Rippling Energy

The energy we provide ripples through making a positive impact to all those we are fortunate enough to work with.

Singular Focus

We are singular in our objective. The biggest central circle signify this dedication.